I love reading about the little finds that people come across. The little treasures that brighten people’s day and are pretty or yummy or fun. The things they want to tell everyone about. When I originally started this monthly series, I was convinced it would only last a month because, well, I’m a creature of habit. But alas, here we are in the third (fourth?) month and I’m finding each month I always have a handful of new things that I’m obsessing over. So here are November’s Favorite Things…


Justin’s: I don’t know if this is one of those things that everyone knows about except me, but these are probably my favorite snack lately ever. I get hangry. I’ll admit it. I don’t always realize I’m getting hungry and then I start to get snippy and short and frustrated and then I’ll hear a grumble and think, “Oh, you’re not a b*tch, you’re just hungry, silly!” And so I grab a snack aka the million of things in my bag that I pack for the kids but aren’t necessarily my best option. These almond butter packs from Justin’s are amazing. I keep them in my bag or around for that mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger that creeps in. It’s one serving size and perfect for a quick pick me up. The vanilla almond butter is amazing, but the regular almond butter is lower in carbs. Anyway, these perfect packs of pure bliss are a must.


Succulents: So California has the most amazing succulents. At home I bought and killed a jade plant because I thought it was succulent-ish and low maintenance and even my brown thumb could keep it alive. Wrong. The succulents in Cali are gorgeous!! They’re so different and unique and I need them all.

IMG_7163 (2)

Old Navy Yoga Pants: So these were a bit of an impulse buy. They were on the sale rack and I brought them to the register hopeful but skeptical that they were actually on sale. The verdict came in against me and I decided to splurge the $29.99 anyway and guess what. Absolutely worth it. They are so soft. So comfy. And, they stay put. Does anyone else have those yoga pants that you are constantly pulling up and readjusting? Just me? Anyway, these fit like butter and I wish had bought five. I wear them exclusively for lounging 🙂


Wrenn Jewelry: So my best friend from college gave me these beautiful bracelets for my 30th. It was so sweet of her and who doesn’t love getting pretty little things? I have one gold and one rose gold (swoon) hearts stamped with the initials of my kiddos. I mean, come on, so sweet. Then I looked in their shop and really fell in love with allll the things. I love stacking these bracelets and they are perfect for dressy or everyday wear.