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Daaamn Lindsay. Back at it again with your favorite things! haha what? Is that whole daaamn Daniel thing over? Ten minutes done? Man, I thought I was in the loop for a second. Consider it a throwback, then. I’ve rounded up May’s favorite things because I know you NEED to know!! 😉


Jord Watches: How cool is this watch?! I love the idea of a nontraditional watch that really shows off your unique and fun personality. I got the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood & Maple and LOVE the color. It’s neutral and goes with anything you wear. It’s such a conversation piece too! I can’t tell you how many people comment on or ask about this watch. It would be a perfect gift for mother’s day or present for a recent grad. They have soo many different styles and colors, I had such a hard time deciding! It’s so light and seamless, perfect for everyday.

Do you guys wear watches or rely on your phone? Someone once told me they feel like watches will eventually become obsolete because people just rely on their phones. I feel watches are such an opportunity to make a statement or get something super stylish and this watch is literally perfect for that!


OSEA Malibu Skincare: Skincare junkie here!! Me! This girl! Raising my hand! Yes, you know it. If you’ve been following along on my skincare journey (aka my life), you know I love trying new products, reviewing new products, all in the search to pamper, moisturize, rejuvenate, replenish, etc. etc. etc. So I got some products from OSEA and these are my two faves.

Undaria Argan Oil (pictured above) – I feel like I’m always searching for something to replenish my skin with all the natural oils and moistures. I come out of the shower each morning and roll this oil on my face. It makes me feel so refreshed and moisturized, I can’t even tell you! Some days when I go without make up, I just carry it around with me and reapply whenever I want a pick me up. It’s THAT good!! People seem so afraid of putting oil on their face because they don’t want to be greasy, but this is so NOT greasy. Like right now I’m touching my face and thinking to myself how soft and supple my skin is. I’m certain it’s the argan oil.


Advanced Protection Cream – So after I roll the oil across my face and rub it in, I apply this cream and I feel like it totally locks in the moisture and I couldn’t be more obsessed with the thick, creaminess of this. This is such a must try!

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Personalized Necklace from B.Stamped: I love personalized jewelry. After Nolan was born, Jaryd got me this really cute necklace with the boy’s initials on it. I’ve been following Britt on Instagram probably since I first started my blog, and always love seeing her creations! I decided to get a few presents for some ladies in my life because her bar necklaces are so pretty and so personal! Britt sent me one for myself with my wedding date on it. It’s so sweet and I wear it everyday, I love it! Gorgeous aesthetic and quality!


Tarte Water Foundation: I am not a make-up girl. I wish I took a class when I was younger and learned what everything was and how to apply it. I always just kind of guess and put things were I thought they should go. I’ve always been in awe of people that actually knew what they were doing. Don’t even get me started on contouring! That’s borderline magic.

Well, my girl Brit from Celery and the City posted about this foundation and I decided to give it a try.  I’ve been feeling like I want some more coverage some days. This stuff is so light and keeps you matte and is really awesome. I also love that it has some SPF in it because literally guys, that’s such an important component when it comes to taking care of your skin!! I definitely recommend trying this if you are in the market for some new foundation! I’m fairly certain I’m going to try more of their products because this one was such a home run.

There you have it, folks! I hope you loved May’s rendition of favorite things! What have you been loving lately? xo

Thank you to Jord Watches and OSEA Malibu for your amazing products to review!

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