My Favorite Natural Skincare

Today I’m sharing my favorite natural skincare products to date! From everyday cleansers to special treat yo-self nights, these are the best of the best!!

What does the above picture have to do with skincare? Absolutely nuffffin. Well, I mean, you can see my face and legs, so that’s some skin. I’ve always kinda been a skincare junkie. From the time I entered middle school, you can find me perusing the drug store for all kinds masks and scrubs and moisturizers.

My routine has changed a lot, I kinda love how it’s ever-evolving. The past couple years, I’ve really made a point to incorporate more natural products in my skincare routine. I’ve tried A LOT of products (and plan on trying tons more, obviously) but I’d love to share with you my favorite finds thus far:

My Favorite Natural Skincare

Cleanser: This is the cleanser I’ve been using lately! It’s the Purifying Gel Cleanser by Derma.e and I love how gentle it is. It’s not too bubbly, and seriously washes away any dirt, sweat, or makeup. I use it every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. It really doesn’t have a smell and it doesn’t make your face dry or tight like some intense cleansers do. I’m almost out (as you can tell by the picture ha!) and will definitely be buying a new bottle because it really has all the qualities I want in a cleanser.

Scrubs: If I’m looking for a deeper clean, about once a week, I’ll use a scrub. I keep my Franklin & Whitman face scrub in the shower. It smells AMAZING and it’s oil based so I don’t need to put on any additional moisturizer after the shower. I love how it scrubs away any bad days or bad moods in seconds. It’s a must, you guys. I love it!

The other scrub that I keep by my sink is this Derma.e microdermabrasion scrub. After I wash my face, if I want to scrub a little deeper, I use this microdermabrasion scrub. Omg, how it polishes my face!! My face feels so smooth and DELIGHTFUL. You guys need to try it if you’re looking for a good scrub!!

My Favorite Natural Skincare

Masks: About once a month I have one of those treat yo-self Sundays and I throw on a face mask. The other night I put on one of these bamboo charcoal facial sheet masks and really loved how soft and refreshing it was. My kids asked if I was batman and when I took it off my skin felt so dewy and moisturized. SO GOOD!

If you want a mix-it-yourself face mask, I can’t rave enough about this activated charcoal mask by Franklin & Whitman. You apply it wet and let it dry on your face. OMG, I honestly feel like it pulls all the dirt and grossness out of my pores. Seriously, it’s one of my favorites when I want a night of relaxation after the kids go down for bed.

My Favorite Natural Skincare

Moisturizers: I made the switch from creamy moisturizers to a facial oil and I can’t believe I’ve been so afraid of oil on my face my whole life! It is so hydrating! I love the way my face feels and I even use it as a primer underneath my makeup. I mean, I’m no make-up guru, but I LOVE the way my makeup looks when let the facial oil sit on my face for a few minutes before application.

My favorites lately? This cocokind facial repair serum I’ve been using for a few years and literally whimper every time I run out. It’s so gentle and hydrating, I’m obsessed. The other facial oil I’ve been into is this facial oil by Annmarie. I especially love putting the Annmarie oil on at nighttime because it smells like a relaxing day spa. If you haven’t made the switch to facial oil yet, dooo it!!! You won’t regret it!

My Favorite Natural Skincare

Body: Moving off the face and onto the rest of your bod, these two have been my favorite to put on right when I get out of the shower! The Kopari coconut melt is made from coconut oil and it literally melts on your skin and makes it silky smooth. I’ve also used it as a hair mask and it’s really hydrating as well (another post, another time). The other one I use when I want something super quick and nourishing on my skin – this One Love gardenia + tea body serum. I love that I can just spray it real quick and rub it in and be done. It is so delightful!

Anyway guys, I hope you like this post! It’s different for me but I think it’s fun to switch it up! Hope you guys find something you like! xo