Five School Lunchbox Ideas

I’m always looking for new meal ideas for my kids, so today I’m sharing Five School Lunchbox Ideas that are totally kid approved!

Whether you’re reading this on the verge of back to school or your kid is ready to take on some fun summer camps, it seems like the lunchbox train never really pulls into the station. I’m always looking for fun new food to feed my little humans.

I get into ruts, as most people do, and part of making kid meal posts is for me to challenge myself to do something unique every day of the week. Let me know what your favorite lunchbox ideas are! Check out my post HERE for all the lunchbox essentials you can buy off amazon that will make packing lunches a breeze. Plus here’s another post with more lunchbox inspo

Before we get started, let me just say that buying these lunchboxes with compartments has saved me. It allowed me to compartmentalize their lunches so I always pack a large item along with a snack in the big compartment. A fruit/veggie/berry in the larger side compartment, and then another snack or dip/dressing in the smaller side compartment. It really helps me organize their lunches and minimizes my floundering.

Five School Lunchbox Ideas

ONE: We had some leftover spinach and cheese tortellini from dinner the night before, so I packed that in their lunchboxes. I figured it would be fine room temp but my older son didn’t love that it wasn’t perfectly warm. So, I think it depends on your kid’s personal preference. Also packing a yogurt smoothie drink (we love these!), some cinnamon letter cookies from Trader Joe’s. We also got some deliciously sweet and juicy watermelon so I sliced them up with one of these little elephant fork that came along with my sandwich cutters

Five School Lunchbox Ideas

TWO: We love a good PB&J, especially when it’s cut into adorable dolphins and hearts, so we have a deliciously seedy bread with some natural peanut butter and jam. Also packing a peanut butter granola bar from Trader Joe’s, some mini blueberry muffins (make your own mini zucchini muffins!), and some fresh raspberries. Here’s a link to our sandwich cutters!

Five School Lunchbox Ideas

THREE: my son LOVES mini bagels with cream cheese and jam so I packed that along with a cheese stick, some apple slices and natural peanut butter. 

Five School Lunchbox Ideas

FOUR: We have some peanut butter graham cracker sandwiches, a box of raisins, some sugar snap peas and some ranch for dipping. 

FIVE: alright today we have a peanut butter, banana, chocolate chip quesadilla (literally just two wraps with peanut butter, sliced banana, and some chocolate chips inside, cut into triangles), a nutty bar from Trader Joe’s, some grapes and some goldfish!

Hope these lunchboxes give you some inspo. I always start of my week with such lunchbox ambition but am always grasping for some fun ideas by the end. Let me know if you have any favorites that your kids love!

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