kids meals #1

Today I’m sharing one week of wholesome meals and going over what was a hit with my kids and what they hated! I struggle with coming up with meals for my kids, so this post is in part to get my out of my kid meal rut. I hope you find some fun kid meal inspo!!

Anyone else have some picky eaters? I’m not going to lie, the picky eater thing took me off guard. Both my husband and I aren’t picky so no idea where this picky phase is coming from.

For a while, this blog has been adult friendly recipes and if kids like them too, it’s a bonus. But, I don’t specifically make recipes for the blog that are kid-friendly. You know what I’m saying?

I struggle with kid meals. And, I thought, maybe we can be in this together. Here’s what I’m thinking. I made a “kid meals” tab under “recipes” that you can access. This tab is holding me accountable to make thoughtful meals for my kids and share with you what they like and what was a bust. I was thinking I’d share a week of meals about once a month and, hopefully you can find some kid meal inspo too.

5 Kid Meals #1

Monday: Ok this was a huge success for us. The chicken recipe is the one skillet creamy white wine chicken from my blog. Both kids were obsessed and fighting over the extra pieces of chicken. I also love that the chicken is a whole family meal that everyone loves. They love sweet grape tomatoes and the fun fruit salad. They weren’t crazy about the sweet potato mash. I love putting something on their plate that pushes them a little bit. They both tried the potato mash, and although J and I both were into it, the kids weren’t.

5 Kid Meals #1

Tuesday: This was a quick lunch. I got these sandwich cutters that make sandwiches into fun shapes and they have totally revolutionized my lunchbox game. The cutters cut off just the crust so I don’t really feel like too much sandwich is wasted. I served this PB&J dinosaur sammie up with some grapes (they love), sweet grape tomatoes (it was a big tomato week for us), some little orange slices, and dried apples which were a fun new thing I picked up at the store and the kids were obsessed!

kid meals #1

Wednesday: I bought some frozen black bean veggie burgers and frozen sweet potato fries for some easy dinners. I gave some to the kids. Caleb didn’t love the veggie burger because it had a hint of spice. Nolan loved the veggie burger and happily dipped it into the ketchup. Both kids love kiwi, so I always buy some each week.

kid meals #1

Thursday: Nolan loves hummus, he loves dipping carrots in hummus, so we’ve been riding that wave this week. Since Caleb isn’t so into the carrot situation, I added some pita to the plate and hoped for the best. He ended up just eating the pita. I also read that kids are more open to food if you cut them into bite sized pieces. And, they’ll end up eating more of it! So, I cut the apples up and my sons were LOVING it!! They’re totally open to holding a whole apple, but I think they loved eating it this way too. For protein, I cut up and sautéed some sweet apple sausage since I knew they’d be a hit. The new thing on the plate were these freeze-fried peas. I knew they don’t like cooked peas so I was interested if the crunch of the dried peas would intrigue them. It didn’t, they hated them.

Friday: Last up are these soy-seame tofu cubes. It’s interesting because I’ve made these before and Caleb was into them and ate them up. Tonight’s tofu was less of a hit, so I think a lot of kid pickiness depends on the day. We also had some peanuts, yogurt drank (my kids LOVE), raspberries, and watermelon spears which they loved!

Alright guys, I hope these meals are helpful for you!! I’ve learned that my kids love fruit (I may lean on that too much), and they’re open to trying foods if I definitely have things on their plate that I know they’ll love. I really love trying to come up with new combos and pushing their little tastebud boundaries.

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Today I'm sharing one week of thoughtful meals and going over what was a hit with my kids and what they hated! I struggle with coming up with meals for my kids, so I hope you find some fun kid meal inspo!! #thetoastedpinenut #kid #friendly #meals #glutenfree #toddler #lunch #dinner