Pan Seared Steak and Mango Tacos


I took the kids to a kiddie gym to run around and exert some energy because it’s not super nice out today. Caleb somehow bumped his head on my knee and now I’m wobbling and limping around. It’ HURTS! His head also cracked his little buddy’s tooth so… his head is pretty legit.

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Baked Vegetarian Meat Balls


Ok, so here’s a story I rarely tell anyone because it involves me being super dumb. A horribly misguided decision that literally could have been disastrous. K, ready? I was at the mall, circa 7th grade, doing what tweens do. Shoot, it just occurred to be that I was a tween before the word tween was even invented. Sooo… there’s that. I was with my friend, um let’s call her Nadine to protect the guilty, and we were wandering aimlessly through the mall.

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Coconut Almond Banana Bread


Summer has been crazy. It seems like all the sudden everything is moving really fast. The school year is over, and I can’t believe in less than two weeks the movers will be here and we’ll be shipping out of Philadelphia. I think it hasn’t totally set in that the whole California thing isn’t just a vacation. It’s happening. It’s such an adventure and I’m so excited about it. 

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Sesame Carrot Ribbon Salad


A really awesome aspect about moving cross country is you PURGE your belongings. Every single item, before it is packed, I hold it and determine if it is worth the move. If I was moving a few blocks, or even just a town I’d be all like, “I’ll absolutely move my couch with stuffing protruding from the holes and ratty half un-woven rug.” But now the item needs so show some real potential. 

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Vegan Collard BLAT Wrap


Probably my favorite sammie of all time is a BLT. I mean, my version of a BLT has evolved quite a bit since it’s initial introduction to my life. But generally, there is one consistent thread weaved through this happy sandwich story. It’s ALLLL about the spread.

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