Egg and Hash Brown Breakfast Cups


One of my bad habits is I eat peanut butter at nighttime. If I’m still hungry, or if I just need something sweet, I get a couple scoops of peanut butter, mix in some chocolate chips and BAM, happiness ensues. Well, except that this little habit of mine is severely inhibiting my fitness goals and so this week I’m going cold turkey. 

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Berry Galette


So I got a manicure AND pedicure today. This is kinda a big deal for me. I never get them because 1) kids and 2) time and 3) kids. But, things ave been more flexible so I took the opportunity to indulge a bit. Normally I hate it because they do your toes and then they do your fingers and then you wait and wait and countless hours of your life are gone. 

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Asparagus and Egg Breakfast Skillet


So the other day Jaryd and I had the opportunity to go have lunch by ourselves. Like a mini midday date. We decided on a place and were psyched to try something new. As we drove by the restaurant, it was PACKED. I mean, line out the door, cramped, scour for seating kind of packed. I had an unexpected urge of repulsion. 

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