Creamy Cashew Ranch Dip


GUYS! I’m typing this from a couch. MY COUCH! We ditched our old, tattered couch at the dump back in Philly. When we came to Cali, we spent about one week without a couch. There was lots of laying on the floor, propping ourselves up against walls, and creative sitting. Turns out it takes a while to order furniture, get it delivered, etc. etc. Welp, our couch arrived and I’m sitting on it 🙂

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Matcha Pistachio Truffles


Who all loves matcha?! Me me! It took me a while to warm up to matcha. When I first came across matcha I bought it randomly, drank it straight, and wasn’t quite sure. At first I thought maybe I’m not a matcha person. But then I started to experiment a bit. I’m not a quitter!! I think it’s all about finding the right mix of flavors, the right brand, and the right recipe.

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Banana Blackberry Ice Cream


We made it to California!! The plane ride when pretty standard – not their worst, not their best 🙂 I’m leaving it open to interpretation who “they” are… but we arrived in California, and given how crazy off the sacred schedule we all are, the little guys did well. We spent the first night on a mattress pad on the floor. It was fun camping out with everyone and I don’t think we’ve all ever slept in the same room. 

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Beet Crust Pizza with Kale Pesto


BABAES!! I’m pretty in love with beets and one of my secrets to easy lunches is getting pre-packaged, infused with flavor beets and throwing them on my salads, in wraps. It takes the messy boiling and peeling of beets out of my kitchen and saves me time which is kinda a big deal 🙂

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Sweet Potato Discs with Thai Pesto


So I went on a pirate ship today. You know, those tourist attractions aimed at kids? I had pretty low expectations but it was surprisingly fun and entertaining. Yes, we went back and fourth the same 50 meters, but it legit was enjoyable. Definitely recommend it! Why was that not my summer job in high school and college? Instead I chose to be a henna tattoo artist which is fun in theory, but then you have to spend summer days inside which is meh. 

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