From time to time I give you a run down on things I’m loving to do, wear, eat, etc. September has come and gone. I’m laying on my couch with some napping kiddos, and I’d like to share the love. So here you go. Things I’m loving lately…


Stuffum Naturals: This is such a delicious protein spread. I had all intentions of creating a recipe from these jars of deliciousness, but I couldn’t get past eating it with a spoon. The dark chocolate peanut butter is amazing!! I’ve also tried cookies ‘n cream, cake batter, and chocolate chip and they were all addicting and delicious. I heard they’re also coming out with a pumpkin spice flavor (um, hello perfection) and I can’t wait to try it! You can order it online with the link above. Use code CLEANEATING15 FOR 15% off your order.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.53.21 PM

The Shine Project: So this jewelry is made by inner city youth. This company gives first generation college students jobs to help fund their education. I love supporting companies that have a cause beyond themselves and I love what The Shine Project stands for. Plus, I mean their jewelry is so beautiful! I love the delicate stackable bracelets.

 IMG_5610 (2)

Not your father’s root beer: This is a beer. That tastes like root beer. I don’t even know what else to say besides it’s a MUST-TRY. We had some birthday festivities this past weekend and I will say this. The picture above is a root BEER float. Yes I needed to put a plate under it because of the incredible bubbly spillage perfection. Yes it was worth it. Balance, people!!

magna tiles

Magna Tiles: This is a kid/parent Godsend. First, they are probably the coolest toy I have ever owned, although my ’90s moon shoes are strong competition. Second, my kid loves them! He builds really impressive towers (#momgoggles), it’s educational, and the silence as your kid plays with them is priceless. When we put the kids to bed Jaryd and I come downstairs and “clean them up” but really just play with them for a good 20 minutes. Put them on your (kid’s) Christmas list!


Being a tourist in my own city: We’ve been using the weekends to really explore our city and do all the tourist-y things we’ve been taking for granted the past six years. We totally have a Philly bucket-list and we want to do it all!


The boys on the RiverLink ferry ride.

What have you guys been loving lately?! xo