It’s been a while since I’ve given you the run down on allll the things I’m loving lately and lady, there’s a LOT!! I feel like I’ve been hoarding all my cookies and am about to make it raaainnn cookies on all y’all. FEAST yo eyes on these…


ELLOVI: I first tried this body butter a few months ago back in Philadelphia. It smells HEAVENLY and I wish didn’t use it up so quickly because I’m about ready for another. I forget to do those little self-care things everyday which leads me to having one massive self-care night where I put the kids to bed, put on five different face masks, throw on a teeth bleaching strip, shave my legs, and moisturize. You know, all those stereotypical female things. Ok mayyybe I watch romantic comedies, cry, and eat all the chocolate too but that’s none of your business. 

My point is, this body butter is the perfect daily self-care remedy, especially with these winter months coming! Save yourself from self-care anemia and nourish yourself to some daily body butter. You deserve it!! It’s the little things, my friends. The little things. 


PALEO PASSIONS GRANOLA: Bahh!! This granola!! I developed this ridiculously yummy recipe using Paleo Passions Granola and guys, I can’t get enough. They’re a gluten free and grainless granola that has been the answer to my prayers. I love having a granola that I can feel good about when I throw it on yogurt, or in a bowl, or in a bag for snacking. I only like to bring you guys products that I love and that fit into a certain lifestyle for #lowcarb and #diabeticfriendly families. If you’ve been looking for a granola, I gotchu 😉 Definitely give them a whirl! I have them in my shop under “products I love,” so be sure to check it out!!

Note: the empty bag. 


NNUX ACTIVEWEAR: I’m always on the lookout for cute activewear that gets you more motivated to workout and/or something to wear all day everyday. Nux Activewear is my new obsession. I got these super cute leggings that are not only ridiculously comfy but also have some compression to them that hold me together, if ya know what I’m talking about 😉 Jaryd loves the new athlesiurewear trend because he says I can always be ready to run/bike/hike/do all the athletic things he loves. I obviously love the trend too because I get to wear comfy clothes and not feel like a blob! What are your favorite activewear brands?


CARB CONSCIOUS BOX: When I first saw this box I thought it would be perfect for Jaryd. I think it’s hard to find low carb snacks that you can feel good about and it was fun to try different products that don’t spike his blood sugar. I definitely recommend this box for anyone living that low carb life and tired of their same old snacks. My favorites from the box: YumButter, Moon Cheese, and those curried cashews!


CRACKED CANDY: When I was in 7th grade, Altoids were all the rage. I remember carrying that tin in in my pocket and popping them every chance I got. And then my classmate Max asked me if that bulge in my pocket was cigarettes and I gave him the look of death, “ugh, no!” And from then on they remained permanently in my bag because I didn’t want to give off the wrong vibe. 

These little cracked pieces of joy remind me of my candy carrying days. They are these cool and sweet mouthwatering flavors that are really fun and delicious to eat. Plus, they’re sugar free and in my book guilt free, so enjoy!! My favorite flavor is orange!


DROP BOTTLE WATER INFUSER: The key to drinking more water is infusing it with so many goodies, switching up the flavors, and having fun with it. I’m convinced! I love my Drop Bottle water infuser because you can add whatever fruits and veggies and herbs you like to the water, and there’s a little screen to keep you from swallowing it as you sip. Plus, the gold lid is gorgeous and I feel so chic carrying it around! I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a new water bottle or anyone who loves squeezing some lemon juice into their water. Your water game is about to get so strong.


TUFT AND NEEDLE MATTRESS: Ladies and gentlemen, I have found my sleep solution. Thank you so much for following along on my sleepless journey but from here on out, I’ll be well rested, ok? Well maybe not the best rested but better restedfor sure. I’ve been unhappy with my old mattress for so long and I couldn’t be more excited to take the plunge with this new mattress! It’s made of foam, temperature regulates, has a 10 year warranty, and is made in the US of A! The first night I slept on it I woke up and told my husband that I didn’t know my feet could feel so rejuvenated!! I’m talking head to toe relaxation, people. I highly recommend!!

Some of the above products were given to me in return for my honest review. I only share products with you that I LOVE, and all opinions are always my own. xo