Just some casual boating at the zoo. Tears of joy.

Sometimes when I love things I want to share the good. I think I want to start a little tradition where I give a rundown of things that I’m really obsessing over. So here’s my Things I’m loving – August addition:


Stainless Steel Straws: I have a bit of a straw habit. For some reason I got on a straw kick and I find drinking out of straws so much fun. I think it’s because I feel super fancy and because of the spill factor. If little feet run up to me mid-sip, a huge glass won’t be knocked into my face. Also cold beverages lose zero coldness with these straws compared to their plastic counterparts (it’s a scientific fact, maybe?). Your drink stays cold the whole way up AND, you are minimizing waste. Get these awesome reusable straws with a cleaning brush all for under $9.


Dry shampoo: Ok, let’s be real here. I don’t wash my hair every day. I mean, I really don’t want my hair to be all dried out and I kinda convinced myself that if I let some natural oils moisturize my hair it will be shinier and more luxurious. Hello day-old hair, meet Jillian Michaels and Philadelphia humidity and you have yourself a seriously greasy hairline.

So, I tried some of this Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo and it’s amazing!! I swear it almost repels water, and it’s an immediate freshener that makes me feel clean and grease-free. Definitely my go-to! I’ve tried Pantene’s dry shampoo also, but for some reason the spray nozzle kept getting clogged after only a few uses. So I eventually just switched brands and couldn’t be happier! I could probably go an extra day of no washing with this stuff, but I don’t 😉 On amazon for $8.25!!


Cold Brew Coffee: There’s just something about it that makes me feel like it’s a million times better than iced coffee. It feels like a special treat and a pick me up. I love that it is less bitter (and supposedly more caffeinated, um sign me up!!). I’ve also found some awesome brands in grocery stores like Chameleon Cold Brew (get the black coffee because it has no added sugar). I’ve heard Trader Joe’s has a great one too! What’s your favorite?


Roc Deep Wrinkle Night Cream: One of the perks of having a Dermatologist husband is you get some awesome free samples of products. This is by far the best product he’s brought home. I’m definitely the person that is obsessed with face lotions and potions. It looks so unassuming because it’s just a little tube, but this little guy lasts me months!! In my book, it’s a winner! Retails $15.


theSkimm: I have no relevant pic for this one, so you get one of Jaryd and I. Aren’t we precious?  I may be totally behind the trend on this one, but I’ve been receiving it every morning. It used to come to my inbox at 6am and I loved every second of sipping my coffee in silence and boning up on current events. Now it comes at 7am and I’m totally the person that emailed them asking them to change it back because it really added to the quality of my life. Apparently it’s out of their control. Regardless, I still recommend it because it’s the perfect blend of amusing tidbits, serious news, and current events, all written in a way that doesn’t remind me of my dry law school textbooks. Anyway, if you haven’t already, subscribe here!

What have you guys been loving this summer? Have a great weekend!! xo

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