Favorite Things November 2018

Today I’m sharing smoe of my Favorite Things for November 2018. These are a random assortment of items that I’ve come across and have been obsessing over!

From time to time I create a collection of things I am LOVING lately and decide I want to share them with you guys. I’m not the best at doing this as regularly as I want, but I always think it’s really fun whenever I do get to share some of my favorites with you guys.

Whether you’re looking for a gift, stocking stuffers, or just a little something for yourself, these are absolutely perfect! I want to have some more seasonal favorites down the line, so keep an eye out for that!

But first we have these white metal shelves! I know it’s kinda random and so ridiculous, but I’ve been on an organization kick. These shelves are absolutely PERFECT for your panty! They organized my tupperware cabinet and then I bought some more for under my sink. I love them and they add so much order to my cabinet chaos. Find them on amazon HERE!

Next we have this PrimallyPure Blue Tansy Body Oil. I LOVEE!! Primally Pure is really amazing for natural skincare products, they only use the best ingredients and I’ve really fell in love with a lot of their products. This blue tansy body oil is amazing as the months get colder, the wind starts whipping, and my skin gets dry AF. I’ve been keeping it in my shower and just pumping a couple squirts in my hands to rub on muuuh body before I get out and towel off. Highly recommened it! Find it on their website HERE!

If you follow my on Instagram and watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know my obsession with homemade americanos is REAL. Getting a little espresso machine has changed my life to the point that I can’t go out to coffee shops anymore because their coffee isn’t as good as the stuff I make at home. I know, crazy. Anyway, I got loads of questions about what espresso machine I have and this Breville has been working great for us! Check it out on amazon here!

Let’s talk natural deodorants!! For the past couple years I’ve played around trying out natural deodorants, only to be disappointed by my own body odor popping through. About a year ago I tried Primally Pure’s deodorant and I can say it’s been my favorite. Of all their scents, the Geranium is my favorite and oddly, it works the best for me. Anyway, I can’t say enough about it. I feel really good applying a natural deodorant very morning, it smells amazing, and try it for yourself and check it out on their website!

Last up – Tata Harper face oil! You all know that I LOVE facial oils. Switching from face moisturizer to facial oil has totally changed my skin and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I love the moisture it adds to my face, I love how it helps with fine lines and wrinkles, I love how it just seems to balance my skin. I came across Tata Harper. Originally my friend Lisa recommended their eye illuminating cream which I still use and love, but then I started expanding to using more of their products. This face oil does not disappoint! I use it every morning and night. It has a ball roller applicator which is kinda nice and cooling. Anyway, Tata Harper products are a weeee bit expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion. Grab this Tata Harper face oil on amazon!

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