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When I remember, I love to give you gals (and maybe some guys) a rundown of all the things I’ve been obsessing over. Whether it’s a product, a tv show, a favorite thing to do on the weekends, I love shedding a little insight into my life beyond the plate. Plus, when I was a frequent blog reader, these were some of my absolute favorite posts because you discover new things that may have otherwise never come into your life.

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I’m training my Insta-husband. He takes direction well.

So, here are some of April’s Favorite Things….

Show I’m addicted to: The People v. OJ. I’m so bummed the series is over and don’t even get me started on the sexism toward Marcia Cross!

Song on repeat: I’ll get back to you on this one 😉

Movie I just watched: Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. Don’t judge me, but sometimes you just need some mindless entertainment as you drink wine on your couch. Plus, it takes quite an entertainer to counterpart Will Ferrell in a movie and Kevin Hart held his own which was a pleasant surprise. 

Flavor of the month: Cashew

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Onzie Activewear: I LOVE my activewear. Whether for actual working out, or for wearing throughout the day. I am in love with what Project Runway All Stars is calling “the hottest trend in fashion” aka athlesiure wear. I’m a black yoga pants gal, but have slowly been stepping up my game. Lately prints and colors have been really speaking to me. Guys, you have to check out Onzie. I mean, these pants!! I can’t even!! I saw them and instantly fell in love. They are so silky soft and make me feel like a yoga goddess even though I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve done yoga this year (p.s. I’m hoping to change this!!). I have another pair of pants and shirt from Onzie I can’t wait for the weather to warm a bit so I can show you these beauties!!


All Birds Shoes: I think my sneaker obsession started in my early high school days. I’m a self-proclaimed sneaker junkie. I used to save up all my leftover movie money and buy sneakers. When I first saw All Birds, I was so intrigued by them! They looked so sleek and I LOVED the colors!! I almost went for the grey, but blue is always in my heart. Even the orange was calling me in a really unexpected way. They’re made of merino wool which wicks away moisture, minimizes oder, and regulates your foot temp. I’m obsessed with how light and comfortable they are and the fact that I look and feel so fly 🙂 


Franklin & Whitman body scrubs: ok ok mayyybe I’m partial to them because they’re a Philly based company. I think it has more to do with the fact that they smell AMAZING and make my skin soo smooth. I’m always on the hunt for new and fun skincare and salt scrubs are hands down some of my favorites. I just LOVE the way they moisturize my skin!! Aaaand you need to take a minute just for yourself and indulge a bit. You deserve it!


New stacking bracelets: I think I started my etsy shop so that I always have the tools to make the jewelry I want for myself. I love pretty little things that make me smile, and there’s something about spring that makes me want a million bracelets on my arm. Maybe it’s because short sleeves show off my perfectly pasty string beans and I need to distract you from looking at them. Either way, they make me smile so I’m including them 🙂


Eyebrow pencil: I’ve always had er, rambunctious eyebrows. I have eyebrows that for some reason point a million different ways unless I use my fingers to tidy them every so often. I don’t know how or why this happens, but its annoyyying. I’ve been kind of traumatized by eyebrow pencils because I’m scared of those really severe, unnatural eyebrows.

Welp, curiosity killed the cat and I bought myself an eyebrow pencil. I love it. I’m still getting the hang of it and am having 12 years olds on YouTube teach me technique because I’m at a loss when it comes to this kind of thing. I mainly use the blending tool and gently fill in areas I want to be fuller. It’s super subtle and I’m hoping to perfect it a bit more. This was just an impulse buy Maybelline brow pencil from the drugstore. Let me know if you have a favorite eyebrow pencil and/or tips, I’d love to try it!!

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What things have you been obsessing over this month?! xo

I’m lucky enough to work with amazing brands that give me products, and if I really truly love them, I share them with you. Thank you to Onzie, All Birds, and Franklin & Whitman for providing me with these products! Opinions are always always my own. xo