I’m back at it with my holiday gift guide, my babes. Here’s the deal. I like to share a bunch of things I’m currently crushing on to spark some gifting inspo for all the gift recipients in your life. This isn’t your normal gift guide. This is one created from my own personal needs and dreams and things that make me happy. These are actual items on my list and I am pumped for the opportunity to tell you why they need to be on your list too.

If you’re desperate for more ideas, I still (mostly) stand behind my 2014 and 2015 gift guides! Big themes in this year’s guide seem to be coffee, sassy letters, and warm feet 🙂

  1. Hedley & Bennett apron: these aprons are so cool and simple. I love the style of them and they come in a bunch of different colors and patterns. They’ll undoubtedly make the baker in your life swoon. I have the full length apron, but this halfie is really speaking to me!
  2. The Love Bomb Company mug: I have a mug from The Love Bomb Company that I drink out of every day. It says, “Today I will manifest some cool ass shit.” And every day I drink my coffee and am READY for the day. I really love the sass of these mugs and think they’d bring a smile for anyone!
  3. Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker: for me, coffee can be such a special treat and I think I could get reeeally into an afternoon Chemex tradition. Like, maybe tooo into it. One time I went to a coffee shop that offerred hand poured coffee and I ordered one. Except it took them approximately 10 minutes from brew to finish and ain’t nobody got time for that so I had to switch back to regular coffee.
  4. Black felt letter board: I really want this felt letter board and here’s why. I think it would be so fun to update the message weekly. Whether it’s for the holidays, wishing someone a happy birthday, or taking the moment to set the tone for the week. I don’t know, I just want one. I think I’d have a lot of fun with it. Or maybe I’ll waste hours fiddling around with letters. Only time will tell.
  5. Wine socks: I saw these socks on a facebook ad and got suckered into clicking on it. Why? Because they made me smile and maybe even a chuckle and I thought of a handful of people in my life that needed them for Christmas. Liiiike me. Plus they’re under $7 so they’re basically giving them away.
  6. Lemon Tree: no idea where to link here. I want a fruit tree. I don’t know how to go about this and can barely keep basil alive, but all I know is I want a fruit tree. It’s always been a dream of mine and I think I may be at the point where I’m ready for that dream to be realized.
  7. The Inspiralizer: I’m ready for a new spiralizer and I’ve heard SUCH good things about the Inspiralizer so I’m going for it! The Inspiralizer has some upgrades like four blades and awesome counter attachments that stay put compared to the suction cups mine currently have. I’ll definitely review it and let you know how I like it once I give it a spin, but if you’re going to take the life changing spiralizer plunge, I think you can’t go wrong with The Inspiralizer.
  8. Fuzzy Slippers: I moved to California and was all like “smell you later cold feet and sweaters, winter jackets and hats.” I was half right. No winter jackets, but it does get chilly and sometimes when I’m cooking in the kitchen, I need some slippers to keep my feetsies warm. I’ve been wearing Jaryd’s boat shoes but they’re so clunky I’m just falling all over. So, these are the slippers I want 🙂
  9. Stacking Rings: I think I want to get into the stacking ring game. I mean, they’re so pretty and I feel like I need to jazz up my life. My kids are finally passed the pulling jewelry phase (fingers crossed) so I’m all about starting to bedazzle myself again. Sooo, I’m starting with stacking rings.
  10. Espresso Machine: how many times do I need to put this on my holiday guide before someone buys it for me? haha juuust kidding. I am dying for an espresso machine, though my countertop real estate is pretty tight. Some days I get an extra shot of espresso in my coffee. That’s where I’m at. And I think having an espresso machine with a frother could be quite pleasant addition to my life. I want alllll the coffee please, kthx.

Hope you guys like this holiday gift guide and that it gives you some ideas for your loved ones (or yourself, treat yo self!!). Happiest gifting, my friends!! xo