Hello, my loves!! I wasn’t sure I was going to do a holiday gift guide, because I still stand by my gift guide from last year (ok, maybe not the selfie stick), but as people began asking what I wanted for Christmas, I figured might as well make an inspiration board. And perhaps I can help generate some ideas for you gift givers out there!! This is my dream gift board.

So here goes. My 2015 Holiday Gift Guide:


1. Necklaces by MEEEE: Surprise!! I make necklaces too. It’s true. I’ve been needing a bit more of a creative outlet, or maybe not more of a creative outlet, just different. I’ve always loved making jewelry and decided I wanted to keep up the hobby and make pretty things that make people smile. Anyway, these necklaces are handmade by yours truly. Local, made in the USA, shop small, all that good stuff. Check out my etsy shop lindsay.withlove or send me an email ([email protected]) to order your fav!! Retails $45.

healthy human

2. Healthy Human Stein: I always pack sippies for my kids whenever I leave the house and I never leave this stein behind. It reminds me to drink water throughout the day, keeps me hydrated, and keeps my bevvie oh so chilly. I love this brand and really really recommend them!! Retails $26.99


3. Vans slip-ons: Ok, I just need new shoes. And I really love the ease and comfort of vans. I need a pair of shoes that I can throw on and go, no fiddling with laces, ain’t nobody got time for that! These are definitely on my list for the springtime. I’m eyeballing you hard. Although, I just bought Nolan an amazing pair of high-tops and I asked Jaryd if high-tops are an appropriate thing for me to wear. Jury’s still out. Retails $60.


4. Espresso machine: well hellooo, beautiful! I have this idea in my head that once we buy a house and fix it up the way we want to and have the most beautiful kitchen I could ever hope for, I will buy this espresso machine and it will sit beautifully on my countertop. I will make frothy lattes and casually offer them to guests, like NBD I’m fancy. This will happen.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 8.27.08 PM

5. Jewelry dish from target: I won’t lie, I like pretty things. I like cute things. I like things that bring a smile to my face. Cute little dishes that are the perfect spot for pretty jewelry are right up my alley. I know because I already have three on my dresser. Let’s say cute pretty cute pretty cute pretty five more times before we move on. Retails $9.99.


6. Old Navy leggings: Booty shot!! Any yoga leggings have my vote. If you see me out and about and I happen to be wearing jeans, have no doubt that as soon as I walk in my front door I take off those jeans and put on a pair of comfy pants. I’m talking within 30 seconds. I keep my comfy pants by the front door and literally change the moment I bustle the kiddos inside. There you have it. It’s no longer a secret that will eat me alive. I hate “real” pants. By the way, I love the geometric pattern on the leg of these. Retails $22.94.


7. Tandem bike: Jaryd and I kind of have this dream that we will cruise around on a tandem bike. I few years back we began searching for the perfect bike but it turns out our tandem dreams differed in a way that I fear can’t be reconciled. He wants more of a workout road tandem bike that is hardcore. He imagines we’ll go fast and be “roadies” or “cyclists” or something pretty intense. Me? I imagined a beach cruiser that we’d casually pedal as we watched the sunset and drank our lattes. We abandoned our efforts when we sensed an impending argument, but I think he’ll come around soon 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 6.50.31 AM

8. Mommy Mailbox subscription: this is a fun subscription box that I had myself for a few months. They send you a monthly package that is basically a fun assortment of things you never knew you wanted. I feel like moms don’t treat themselves as much as they should and so this is a fun little present every month that shows them they’re special. Subscriptions start at $31.95/month.


9. Longest Thread Turkish Towels: These just look so comfy! I can see having this in our house as a throw blanket, taking it to the beach, or the park for a picnic. It’s a fun blanket that is so versatile! Retails $28.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 7.29.09 PM

10. J.Crew Shirt: Guys, I live in t-shirts. I go through t-shirts like people go through toilet paper. Ok, no that’s gross. No, I don’t. I think it’s a mom thing, but I wear the worst t-shirts and they are covered in food, paint, snot, sneezes, snacks, etc. They get destroyed. All I want is to look half decent and I feel like  a shirt like this could do me right. I can definitely picture throwing this on and the pattern would hide those occupational hazards, right?! This is from J.Crew and it’s $168 aka wayyyy too much.

Hope this give you some inspiration!! What’s on your wish list this year?!! xo